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19 Mar 2011

Britisher shot and has been injured in yet another shooting incident in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella.

It happened on Thursday afternoon at 3,15pm in Calle Califa in the centre of the urbanisation.

Several witnesses reported that a person riding a motorbike with his face covered, approached the victim, who was an English speaker and who is thought to be British, and fired two gunshots.

The first shot missed because the victim ducked, and ended up in the wall of a local shop. The second bullet however hit the victim in the leg.

The National Police were called to the scene but on their arrival the victim had vanished. Witnesses told the police that another man had picked him up in a four wheel drive vehicle.
Police say that it appears that the injured man has not asked for treatment at any local hospital.

The shooting took place in Nueva Andalucía where there have been several shootings over recent years, usually with drug trafficking as a backdrop. One of the most serious was in December 2009 when a British man was shot three times, once in the head.


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