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12 Jul 2011

Costa del Sol red tide fishing warning extended across the Málaga coast

 red tide fishing warning which has been affecting parts of the Costa del Sol recently was extended across the coast of Málaga province on Monday, where fishing for bivalve molluscs has now been banned until further notice.

It comes after increased levels of the PSP toxin, which causes the phenomenon known as ‘red tide’, was detected in three types of bivalve molluscs.

The Junta de Andalucía’s agriculture and fisheries representative for Málaga, Mónica Bermúdez, informed Europa Press that the ban only affects shellfish. She said the fishing grounds can only be reopened after analyses show at least two negative results, with a minimum period of 48 hours between each sample which is taken.

The shellfish sector supports around 90 fishing boats in the province, and it’s understood the crews and boat owners will receive compensation payments for every day the ban is in place.



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